Should You Use a Property Manager for Your Rental?

by Peter Gillen 07/25/2021

There are a lot of responsibilities, commitments and labor involved with being a landlord. Hiring a property manager to oversee and maintain your investment property for you provides you with more freedom and time. Plus, this shows an attentiveness to your tenants, which can appeal to prospective renters. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a property management service or manager to oversee your rental properties.

Maintenance and Repairs

You will need to be available as needed for repairs or issues related to the condition of the rental units; this could be infrequent or an ongoing task. If you own other properties, you know that maintaining the investment can be time-consuming and costly work; constant repairs could take up a lot more time and energy than you want to commit. Hire a property manager who makes routine checks on the property, identifying potential issues before they become expensive problems. An on-site manager helps to stay on top of things when maintaining a property for tenants.

Issues With Tenants

Another way that a property manager makes your life easier is by dealing with tenants regularly. Tenants may seek you out for issues with appliances, problems paying rent or complaints about other residents. A property manager is the mediator and buffer that keeps things running smoothly and maintains a sense of peace at your property.

Keep Units Leased Out

Attracting reliable tenants is another area that a property manager can assist with. They may provide insight into marketing available rentals and interview prospective applicants and potential tenants. These professionals can help find the best tenants for your rental so that you are not losing money every month with an empty building or space.

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